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Changes to OVCN Learning Space

Changes to OVCN Learning Space

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Notification regarding a change of web-address to the OVCN Learning Space. 

To maintain increased security we have added a security detail to the learning space by way of changing the web-address and assigning an upgraded SSL encryption certificate. Please take note of the following.

1) New web-address to the OVCN Learning Space:

2) What does this mean to you and your learning experience: There is no disruption to your learning experience or your log-in credentials. Your course enrollment durations will remain the same. The change of the web-address 'did' change the URLs to the courses. However, for a limited period, to minimize any inconvenience to you, the old links will work and will redirect you to the new URLs. This will give you sufficient time to be familiar with the new URLs.

3) If you have bookmarked any Learning Space links, please ensure to edit/re-save them with the new links which you will see in your browser's URL bar (also referred to as the address bar).

Thank you.